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Application area of sodium sulfide
- Oct 15, 2018 -

1, the dyestuff industry used to produce sulphur dyes is the raw material of sulphur blue and sulphur blue. Dyeing and printing industry is used as auxiliary dyeing agent for dissolving sulfur dyes. It is used in the tannery industry to hydrolyze raw hides and to prepare sodium polysulfide to speed up soaking and softening of dry hides. The paper industry is used as a cooking agent for paper. The textile industry is used for denitrification of man-made fibers and reduction of nitrification, and mordant for dyeing cotton fabrics. The pharmaceutical industry is used to produce antipyretic drugs such as finasteride. In addition, it is also used for preparing sodium thiosulfate, sodium hydrogen sulfide and sodium polysulfide.

2. Adding proper amount of sodium sulfide to the alkaline etching solution of aluminum and alloy can obviously improve the etching surface quality, and can also be used to remove zinc and other alkali-soluble heavy metal impurities in alkaline etching solution.

3. Sodium sulfide can also be used for the treatment of conductive layer in direct electroplating. Colloidal palladium sulfide can be formed by the reaction of sodium sulfide and palladium to form a good conductive layer on the non-metal surface.

4. Used as corrosion inhibitor. It is also the raw material of sodium thiosulfate, sodium polysulfide and sulphur dyes.

5, used in the manufacture of sulphur dyes, leather depilatory agents, metal smelting, photography, rayon denitrification and so on.