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Can semi coke do something?
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Semi coke is high in carbon fixation, which can be used as heat, reducing agent, carburizing agent and coke to reduce coke consumption in blast furnace; low carbon ash and ultra-low sulfur in blue carbon, which can improve blast furnace output, reduce coke ratio and reduce desulfurization. Energy consumption and other aspects can exert good effects; the high chemical activity of blue carbon can protect the large coke, reduce carbon consumption, improve the permeability of the blast furnace, the reduction rate of iron ore, and the blast furnace. There is also a positive effect on production capacity. Lanco enters the iron and steel smelting industry, which is of great significance for the iron and steel smelting to reduce fuel consumption, improve quality and efficiency, improve efficiency, and alleviate the increasingly scarce coking coal resources.

At present, the main application fields of Yulinlan are: metallurgy, chemical, and clean fuel.

1. Metallurgical field

(1) Iron alloy reducing agent. Compared with metallurgical coke, the production of ferroalloy with eucalyptus carbon can reduce electricity consumption by 10%, saving 300~500kW·h per ton, 70~90kg of coke, and increasing the output of single furnace by more than 10%. Since the 1990s, ferroalloy production has basically used blue carbon and metallurgical coke as a reducing agent.

(2) Blast furnace blowing materials. In Baotou Steel, Shougang, Baosteel, Jiugang and many other steel companies, the experiment of replacing the anthracite with blue carbon as the blast furnace blowing material was carried out. The test shows that Yulin blue carbon is better than the existing blast furnace pulverized coal. It is technically feasible to prepare blue carbon powder, and it is also feasible to spray blue carbon powder at a ratio of 15% to 30%. In 2011, Shenmu County Coal Chemical Industry Office and Anshan Thermal Energy Institute conducted an on-site test of “3200m3 blast furnace injection of Shen Mulan carbon powder” at Angang Ironmaking General Plant (blue carbon powder accounted for 15% of total coal consumption), indicating that medium temperature blue carbon powder The injection does not adversely affect the blast furnace forward, and is conducive to desulfurization. As long as the proportion of blue carbon powder reaches 10%, it can save more than 30% of the cost compared with the use of anthracite.

2. Chemical industry

(1) calcium carbide reducing agent. Thanks to low ash, low aluminum, low phosphorus, high resistivity, blue carbon is used in the calcium carbide industry, which can significantly reduce energy consumption, reduce costs and improve product quality.

(2) Fertilizer gasification raw materials. Low-ash and low-sulfur blue carbon is used for chemical fertilizer gas production, which can increase gas production rate, reduce ash discharge, reduce gas desulfurization, and thus reduce energy consumption and improve gas quality.

(3) Gasification to syngas. Compared with the direct gasification of low-grade bituminous coal, the gasification of Yulinlan carbon reduces the tar content in the syngas, increases the effective gas content, reduces the burden on the gas purification unit, and the material is not easy to be bonded into a block. The blue carbon is used as a gasification raw material. The market is huge.

3. Clean fuel field

(1) Civil fuel. Blue carbon only has 1/5 of the raw coal pollutant content, especially sulfur is only 1/10 of the raw material. It is a suitable civilian clean fuel and can replace urban and rural civil anthracite, especially in the surrounding areas of Lanchong production enterprises. Strong market competitiveness.

(2) Power plant fuel. Blue carbon has a low volatile content, generally 5% to 7%, and the highest is 10%. It also has low sulfur, low phosphorus and high calorific value. Starting from the favorable combustion and environmental protection, according to the existing experimental data, it is completely feasible to use a circulating fluidized bed boiler to burn blue carbon.

4, coke and adsorbent field

(1) The type of coke. With the development of China's blue carbon industry, a series of research experiments on the production of coke from blue carbon have been carried out in China. The test shows that the blue carbon powder can be used as the main raw material of coke after adding certain binder or tackifier. And can be made into high quality civilian coke and cast coke.