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Coal ''green'' transformation and development
- Oct 15, 2018 -

In the course of economic development, coal energy has always played a huge role, forming an industrial system with coal, electricity, petrochemical, metallurgical and other industries as the pillar. While expanding and strengthening the coal industry and maintaining the momentum of growth, the coal coke industry will continue to explore and optimize the coal industry chain, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, green development.

Underground coal will change into air power, develop modern coal chemical industry and transform into high and new material industry. The path of clean and efficient utilization of coal has spawned a new batch of new kinetic energy, which is driven by "coal".

Yulin in Shaanxi Province is the main coal-producing area in China. The coal industry areas of Yulin in Shaanxi Province, Ordos in Inner Mongolia and Shuozhou in Shanxi Province are called the coal golden triangle. The three cities form a triangle across the Yellow River, which is the "golden triangle" area with the richest coal resources in China. In 2013, the region's coal output accounted for nearly one-third of the country's total output, becoming China's "industrial grain" of the "main production area. It is also China's 14 hundred million ton coal base and 4 modern coal chemical industry demonstration zones.

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