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improve coke quality
- Oct 15, 2018 -

In addition to the main factors of coking process, the improvement of coke quality should be guaranteed from other aspects.

After coke granulation, the metallurgical coke with further granulation tends to be homogeneous, and the strength of drum increases correspondingly. After entering the blast furnace, the permeability of burden can be improved, and the coke ratio can be increased and reduced. The practice proves that the bigger the grain size of metallurgical coke is, the better. The coke ratio of blast furnace with a grain size greater than 80 mm or 100 mm is increased by repeated tests in some foreign and domestic factories. If the metallurgical coke with a grain size smaller than 80 mm is used, the coke ratio will decrease. If the metallurgical coke with a grain size of 25-75 mm is used in the blast furnace, the coke ratio of blast furnace will be greatly reduced. Low. The whole method is to use the coke cutter to crush the coke pieces larger than 80mm. The mechanical strength of coke broken by coke cutter is obviously improved.

Achieve full dry quenching. Compared with wet quenching, CDQ can increase M40 by 3-5%, decrease M10 by 0.5-0.8%, and the particle size is more uniform. This kind of particle size is beneficial to blast furnace reaction and reduce coke ratio.

By blending 30-40% briquette, the specific gravity of pile can be increased, the thermal conductivity of briquette is better than that of pulverized coal. The briquette is softened and melted at high temperature first, and the colloid body flows into pulverized coal. Because of the large expansion pressure of briquette and the extrusion of surrounding pulverized coal, the cohesiveness of the whole coal can be further improved. It plays a role in modifying the weakly caking coal. Blending a certain amount of briquette (30-40%) can improve the cold and hot properties of coke, but also can gradually improve the quality of coke.