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Production method of sodium sulfide
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Sodium sulfide production methods mainly include coal (carbon) high temperature reduction mirabilite method, barium sulfate by-product method, caustic soda absorption by-product hydrogen sulfide method.

The method of absorbing hydrogen sulfide by-product from caustic soda liquor is mainly concentrated in developed countries abroad, but no domestic manufacturer has been reported; the method of barium sulfate by-product also has many production sites in China, about one ton of barium sulfate can be produced by-product of 0.5 tons of sodium sulfide. The representative manufacturers in China are Hebei Xingji, Shaanxi Fuhua, Shanxi Nanfeng Barium Salt Factory, etc. In addition, about 50,000 tons per year (concentrated in Chongqing and Fuping), 95% of the 800,000 tons/year production scale of sodium sulfide in China is produced by coal (carbon) high temperature reduction of mirabilite method, and by 2007, the production scale of sodium sulfide in China reached millions of tons/year. High temperature reduction of mirabilite by coal (carbon) will be the mainstream method in the production of sodium sulfide in China in the future.