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Semi Coke - a magic weapon to protect the environment
- Oct 15, 2018 -

The hazards of smog weather, I believe that people in Beijing and Tianjin are deeply experienced. To alleviate and control smog, fundamentally, it is necessary to substantially reduce pollutant emissions. China has vast land and resources and is densely populated. It is also currently in the development stage. Pollutants discharged from industrial production and unreasonable use of energy in the civilian sector are the main sources of haze weather. Therefore, actively seeking reasonable methods and means to alleviate the occurrence of haze has become the primary task of environmental protection.

At present, the relative backwardness of China's industrial production processes and production equipment has caused pollution emissions to plague all fields. To solve industrial pollution and pollution in the civilian sector is to use clean energy. As a kind of energy that is currently widely promoted, Lan Charcoal has the advantages of low ash content, low sulfur, low phosphorus, smokelessness during burning and cleanliness. It can be called a new type of environmentally friendly clean energy.

Small blue charcoal, a huge amount of energy, as a new type of carbon material. It is produced by using low-metamorphic bituminous coal such as long-flame coal, weak-viscous coal and non-stick coal as the main raw materials by medium-low temperature pyrolysis process. As a clean energy source, Blue Carbon has been piloted in Hebei and other places. The environmental cleanliness of Blue Carbon has also been verified, and it has received unanimous praise and love from government departments and related energy-using units. In addition, the country has implemented subsidy policies in many places to promote the popularization of blue carbon, which makes Lanco truly a high-quality environmentally friendly energy fuel that combines economy, cleanliness and efficiency.

All in all, protecting our environment is about protecting ourselves and even our children and grandchildren. The method of protecting the environment should be scientific and effective. Switching to clean energy is a more effective measure to improve air quality, and Lanco is the more suitable choice for clean energy. Lantan combines high-quality coal with advanced technology to control the source of pollution scientifically and effectively. Although it is a long way to go to promote Lanco, it is necessary to believe that there is no difficulty in the world, and a good living environment is no longer just a good wish.