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Why is semi coke burning more than anthracite?
- Oct 15, 2018 -

When talking about blue charcoal, people always compare it with anthracite, because anthracite is recognized as a better environmentally friendly fuel material. However, anthracite has its drawbacks. The biggest drawback is that the cost is too high. The data shows that the price of 1 ton of anthracite can buy 2 tons of blue carbon, and the cost of purchasing is only 50% less than that of anthracite. Then, in addition to the biggest cost advantage, does Lanco have any other advantages? Is it good to burn? Burning is not enough? Today, Luyuan High-Tech Energy related experts will come to explain for you.

Is it good to burn blue charcoal?

At the beginning of the introduction of blue carbon, a series of experiments were carried out in various provinces and cities. The experimental results show that the blue carbon is fast, smokeless, tasteless, high in calorific value, low in pollutant emissions, almost in a state of no state, and after burning, Flames are burning, much better than other fuels. Whether it is industrial use or civilian use, it is considered that blue carbon is a new type of clean carbon material that is better burned.

Why is blue charcoal more burning than anthracite?

Luyuan Gaokelanco pointed out that Lanchong is made from high-quality Jurassic coal produced in Fugu County. This kind of Miluo fine coal is relatively high quality, and in the process of burning blue carbon, it is strictly in accordance with national regulations. Standard, almost no impurities. Therefore, the combustion will be more sufficient. From the combustion, the bottom ash of the blue carbon is one-third of the anthracite. In addition, Wanxing New Energy has exclusively developed and produced the special blue carbon for the steel plant, not a whole piece. Burning, but using spray type, the contact area is large, and the combustion is more complete.

In general, the use of blue carbon is more cost-effective than anthracite, and the combustion is more complete, which reduces costs and increases efficiency, and does not require the renovation of boilers. The complete replacement of anthracite is just around the corner.