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Coal Slime Fuel
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Recently, an exciting news came from the Jiangzhuang Coal Mine of Shandong Energy Jujube Group. After more than two months of construction, the second phase of the coal-fired coal processing project was put into trial operation as scheduled, marking the coal slurry. Achieve “zero landing” and achieve a win-win situation for environmental protection and efficiency.

Coal slime has long been regarded as a waste that is difficult to use. Due to its high moisture, high viscosity, high water holding capacity and low calorific value, it has long been rejected by users. In recent years, with the continuous strictness of environmental protection supervision, the pollution problem caused by the loss of water and the wind caused by the open storage of coal slime has made coal production enterprises very nerve-racking. Because coal slurry accumulation not only occupies a large amount of land, wastes land resources, but also pollutes the environment.

How to achieve green development of coal slime? How to increase the added value and comprehensive utilization value of slime? In order to increase the added value of slime products and reduce pollution to the environment, the mine has the courage to be the first person to eat crabs. In the first coal processing project in the mining area, it explored a new clean utilization of coal slime. path.

In the factory building of Jiangzhuang Coal Mine Coal Processing Project, the author saw that with the long drum-like rotation of the drum, a type of briquette like the Yuanxiao is continuously spit out from the discharge port and enters the coal storage material along the belt. field. Qi Weidong, the head of the Jiangzhuang Coal Mine, said: "This is the briquette processed from coal slime. Because of the finer particles and high viscosity, the slime can not be directly used in the production of coal. After processing the coal, it has become a power user. The three-fold increase in the value of power generation fuels will not only greatly increase the thermal efficiency of power plant boilers, save fuel, but also save costs."

Qi Weidong also told the author that after the second phase processing project of the coal briquette is put into operation, in addition to processing more than 15,000 tons of coal slurry per month, it can also digest the slime from the brother mine to realize the processing of the alien coal slurry. He calculated this account: According to the first and second phases of the briquette project, the monthly production of coal can be 15,000 tons. The project can generate more than 8 million yuan in profits.

It is understood that the inlet of the briquette processing system is directly connected to the belt of the coal preparation plant. The coal slurry formed during the coal washing process does not need to be grounded, and can be transferred to the system through belt reloading. After mechanical rotation and steam drying, the slime is “rebirth”. The whole process does not produce waste, exhaust gas, dust and noise, and is a typical water-saving and environmental protection project.

Moreover, the briquette processing project can use the heat source supplied by the Jiangzhuang Coal Mine Thermal Power Plant. After the winter heating period, the large amount of steam waste heat generated during the power generation process is lost, and the coal processing project can consume about 50,000 tons of steam per year, which can bring more than 600 million yuan of economic benefits to the power plant, extending the value. Chain, achieving mutual benefit and win-win