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Several Indicators Of The Quality Of Semi Coke
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Semi coke is transformed from clean coal with high quality and environmental protection. It has the characteristics of low ash, low sulfur, low phosphorus, low aluminum, high fixed carbon ratio, high chemical activity and high specific resistance.

One. Ash content (Ad,%)

The ash content is generally below 10%. The low ash content of blue carbon can reduce the influence of ash content in ferroalloy and calcium carbide production on the final product, improve product quality, and be used in chemical gasification. It can increase gas yield, reduce ash emission and reduce energy consumption.

Two, total sulfur (St, d%)

The content of total sulfur is basically below 0.3%. Low sulfur content can ensure the reduction of harmful components in the production process of ferroalloy and calcium carbide products, reduce environmental pollution in smelting process, reduce the amount of desulfurization of gas, improve gas quality and reduce production costs.

Three. Phosphorus content (Pd,%)

Phosphorus content is below 0.005%. Phosphorus is a harmful element in ferroalloy smelting process. It will solidify segregation in ferroalloy production, affect alloy solidification process, cause lattice cracking, affect mechanical properties and service life, especially for ferronickel, low phosphorus content in blue carbon plays a very important role in alloy smelting. Use.

Four, aluminum content (Al,%)

Aluminum content is generally less than 2.0%. Low Aluminum content in charcoal can obviously reduce the high power consumption of reducing aluminium oxide in EAF smelting, realize energy saving, reduce smelting cost and improve economic benefits.

Five, fixed carbon (FC,%)

The fixed carbon content of coal charcoal is generally more than 80%. Besides providing heat, the fixed carbon mainly acts as reducing agent in the smelting process. At the same time, it also acts as a skeleton to increase the permeability of the columns. Secondly, high content of fixed carbon can also be used as a carburizer, blue carbon as a carburizer is also a direction of use of blue carbon.

Six, specific resistance (P)

The specific resistance of blue carbon is more than 3 500 u_M. Higher specific resistance can improve the smelting efficiency of electric furnace and save electricity. Our country ferroalloy 80% uses electric stove, take ferrosilicon as an example, 70% of cost is smelter power consumption.

Seven. Chemical activity

The structure of blue carbon is loose, the pore structure is developed, the specific surface area is large, and it has good chemical reactivity in production.