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Why Are You Using Carbon Coke?
- Jan 16, 2019 -

Carbon coke , also known as semi-coke and coke breeze, is a high-fixing carbon carbon material produced by high-temperature and low-temperature dry distillation using high-quality Jurassic non-stick coal and weakly-viscous coal, which are produced in Shenfu coalfield. It only has 10% to 20% of the raw coal contaminant content, especially sulfur is only 10% of the original coal, and has good environmental protection properties. The blue carbon process is also the lowest cost coal conversion path. Compared with coal liquefaction, it belongs to partial gasification and does not require catalysis, hydrogenation, pressure, etc., with low investment, low cost and high resource utilization efficiency. Because of its high carbon fixed carbon, high specific resistance, high chemical activity, low sulfur and low phosphorus, it has gradually replaced metallurgical coke and is widely used in chemical, metallurgical and gas-making industries. The development of the blue carbon industry in our city has experienced three periods of coking, mechanism, and scale production.

First, the blue carbon industry has become the pillar coal chemical industry in our city.

Second, the blue carbon industry has formed a relatively complete circular economy chain. Lantan is in the core position of Yulin Energy Chemical Industry. At present, the city's large-scale blue carbon production enterprises are basically equipped with production lines such as ferrosilicon, calcium carbide, metal magnesium, power generation and burn-free bricks. A high-level, cyclically linked industrial system.

Third, the blue carbon industry has entered a new stage of green and clean production.

Fourth, the production technology of the blue carbon industry has been greatly improved.