Low Sulfur Semi Coke

The main characteristics of semicoke are: clean, smokeless, good quality, high efficiency. It can be used for indoor heat preservation, home cooking, fireplace, small boiler and agricultural production of dry industry.

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Origin: China Port: Tianjin port

HS Code: 27040000

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High fixed carbon (85% min.)
Low ash (9% max.)

Low Phosphorus (0.02% max.)
Low Sulfur (0.4%max.)

high specific resistance
high chemical activity
High conductivity to lower the electric power
Reduce pollution

Carbon Content: High-Carbon

Manufacturing Method: Physical Method of Activated Carbon

Appearance: Pellet Specification: 6-18mm

Active Carbon Material: Wooden Activated Carbon

Pore Diameter: Microporous

Usage: Chemical Industry, Electric Power Industry

Low Sulfur Semi Coke is a new type of carbon material, which is basically the same as coke. It has high fixed carbon, high specific resistance, high chemical activity, low ash, low harmful element content and developed pore structure. Blue carbon has been widely used in calcium carbide, power plants, metallurgy, fertilizer, wastewater treatment, material preparation and other industries.

It is high in carbon and can be used as heat, reducing agent, carburizing agent and coke to reduce coke in the blast furnace. Due to its low ash and ultra-low sulphur, it can play a good role in improving blast furnace output, reducing coke ratio, and reducing desulfurization energy consumption. Due to the high chemical activity, it can protect the bulk coke, reduce carbon consumption, and also improve the permeability of the blast furnace, the reduction rate of iron ore, and the production capacity of the blast furnace. In the iron and steel smelting industry, it can reduce fuel consumption, improve quality and efficiency, and alleviate the increasingly scarce coking coal resources.





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